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Little Audrey's Story

Audrey Marie Santo (December 19, 1983 - April 14, 2007), often referred to as Little Audrey by pilgrims to her home, was a young woman from Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, through whom miracles are said to have happened.

On August 9, 1987, when Audrey was three years old. She was playing in the driveway with Stephen, her brother. It was on this day that Audrey fell into the family swimming pool.

Audrey recovered but was rushed to the hospital where she was overmedicated. The doctor prescribed too much phenobarbital, and Audrey lapsed into a coma. Audrey was in a coma for about three weeks.

The hospital’s physical therapist broke Audrey’s legs and dislocated her shoulder. Then the doctor insisted on insertion of a tracheotomy tube. She remained in ICU with 24-hour nursing care. She was out of the coma in three weeks. She remained in a state called Akinetic Mutism — non-speaking and limited movement.

The "professionals" insisted that Audrey be placed in an institution. Audrey’s mother Linda, felt that she would receive better care being home with her family. So in November four months following the accident, Audrey was brought home.

Right from the beginning in the hospital hundreds of people came to pray for Audrey. Old friends, relatives and even strangers. Catholics and people from other faiths came, sent prayers, cards and gifts to Audrey. The hospital was so inundated with people, media and phone calls they eventually put Audrey in a private room in the PICU. For some reason God wanted Audrey to be known right from the beginning.

St. Paul tells us in scripture God sends us signs and wonders to get our attention. So is this what God has done with Audrey?

We believe that signs and wonders are manifesting with Audrey, around her and about her. Audrey seems to manifest unexplainable (medically) marks on her body that resemble the wounds of Christ. St. Paul also tells us that we must offer up our suffering to continue for Christ’s redemptive suffering. We also know Jesus Christ is the ultimate Victim. Suffering is not useless when offered up. We believe that Audrey does this. Suffering united to Christ takes on meaning.

The religious images that exude oil and blood are unexplainable to us. We believe because of the good fruits these unexplained happenings are of God. The Bishop’s commission has stated clearly they have found no trickery.

The healings that take place here are not completely investigated by the Bishop’s Commission but they are open to a full study in order to validate any claims. Prayer works therefore anytime Jesus tells us "there are more than two gathered in My name . . ."

The greatest healing power God has left us in His Son, Jesus Christ, in the Eucharist. We must receive Him everyday and visit Him often. If we don’t do this the fault lies with us. Audrey brings us to the Eucharist. There are five consecrated hosts that have exhibited human blood, this does not mean these five hosts are better than any other consecrated host. This simply means that God in His goodness has given us a profound and awesome gift. Again signs and wonders to get our attention.

Audrey is also clearly telling us God doesn’t make junk! That life is valuable at any level. We live in an epidemic of unmercy. So therefore Audrey is a sign of hope and mercy. We believe even though Audrey does not walk or talk that she is valuable and God chose her as He often chooses the seemingly inadequate, unproductive but mostly the pure and innocent to convey His message. In a world of infanticide, homicide and genocide God wants us to choose the right side.

We place our confidence in faith, therefore believing this is to prove there is life in the Eucharist and the value of life in us.

Having resigned herself to God’s will prior to the age of seven (the age of reason), it is unlikely that Audrey has ever sinned. Father Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, a Massachusetts based Melkite Catholic priest whose ministry centers around peace and justice, believes that the little girl is redemptively connected with the sins of nuclear destruction.

Significant dates in Audrey’s life often echo monumental historic events as well. August 9th, 11:03 a.m., the first recorded medical entry on the day of the drowning accident, is also the exact date and time of the bombing of Nagasaki some forty-two years earlier. The date of Audrey’s initial release from the hospital, November 14th, is the anniversary of the bombing of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas, in 1921.

Father RenĂª Laurentin, a world-renowned theologian, concluded a four year personal investigation into the life of Audrey Santo. The esteemed Catholic scholar expects to report his favorable findings to the council. He visited Little Audrey in July 1993 and was deeply moved by being in her presence and stated "This is Holy Ground." Little Audrey is a soul truly blessed and chosen by God.

It is imperative that Audrey’s role, regardless of its magnitude, be kept in perspective. She is an instrument, an extraordinary one to be sure, but an instrument nevertheless. Audrey was fed by a "g-tube" but she did consume one thing, and one thing alone by mouth: the Eucharist. Each day, Audrey received her precious Jesus in the greatest miracle of all.

Although we must not elevate Audrey that we lose sight of Jesus, neither should we discount or ignore His gift of Audrey to us. Let us go to this little thornless rose and ask for her assistance that like her, we too may truly become one with Christ. "But if we are children, we are heirs as well: heirs of God, heirs with Christ, if only we suffer with Him so as to be glorified with Him."

As difficult as life for this family sounds, their home is so peaceful and full of love. When you meet Linda you would not think she had a care in the world. Many have written to little Audrey and their letters were read in Audrey’s room and placed before the Tabernacle.

Bishop Daniel Reilly of Worcester, Massachusetts set up a commission of psychologists, doctors and theologians to study the events at Little Audrey’s. We also remain obedient to the Pope and the Magesterium of the Church in all matters of faith and doctrine. We would like to add, we were profoundly affected by Bishop Reilly’s visit and blessings.

Audrey was received by God on April 14, 2007. Audrey's wake and funeral took place at St. Paul's Cathedral. Rev. John Foley (Audrey's pastor and president of the Foundation for the Cause for Canonization of Audrey Santo) was the homilist at Audrey's wake.

Bishop Robert McManus (our local ordinary) and Bishop Daniel Reilly (bishop emeritus) were present at the funeral Mass. Also in attendance Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, Melkite Catholic priest (Christian Nonviolence Ministry) delivered the homily. Several priests and deacons and hundreds of people attended both events.

In September 2007, Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, postulator from the Congregation of the Causes of Saints visited with the Santo family for four days. He met with Bishop Robert McManus to begin the Cause for Audrey by making her a Servant of God which begins the process. We ask for your support, spiritually and financially to accomplish this. We desperately need a pro-life saint in these times. Audrey is the light in the darkness to be that saint. Please pray for the family, postulator, foundation, friends and benefactors. We pray for all of you and thank you for your contuinued support,

Please call or write if you have any questions.

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Sainthood is sought for 'Little Audrey'

Healings linked to woman who had been in coma

Audrey Santo nearly drowned in her family pool in 1987. Audrey Santo nearly drowned in her family pool in 1987.
By Erin Ailworth Globe Staff / September 14, 2008

The believers came to Audrey Santo to pray, to ask for miracles, and to see the girl who was said to be touched by the divine, following her near-drowning in the family pool at age 3. Those same believers may one day pray to Saint Audrey Santo.

Members of The Little Audrey Santo Foundation launched a campaign last week to see Santo, who lapsed into a comatose-like state after her accident in 1987, canonized, after Bishop Robert J. McManus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester recognized the group as a "private association of the faithful." "I gave them what you call 'canonical recognition,' " McManus said yesterday. This means, he said, that the foundation may now try to persuade the Vatican to beatify and later canonize Santo, or make her a saint.

Santo attracted a following about two years after falling into her family's swimming pool, as people who cared for the girl began to tell stories about statues weeping oil and blood-stained Communion wafers. Word about miraculous healings also eventually spread.

The Diocese of Worcester investigated the stories and eventually concluded in 1999 that the happenings were "deep mysteries," but not definitive miracles.

Robert Keane, clerk of the Santo foundation, said he will be helping investigators in Rome to check out Santo's case for sainthood. Normally, five years must pass before a case for canonization can be made, but Keane said the foundation is hoping to receive a waiver. He also said he believes one posthumous miracle has occurred, but would not elaborate. Keane said he would love to see Santo named "the saint that would show the value of human life in all its forms."

"When you were in her presence, you would just feel a calming, holy, healing aura," he said. "You knew that this was something powerful and special."

McManus said that in order for Santo to be declared a saint, at least twomiracles must be attributed to her after her death.

"It could take years and years and years," McManus said. "In some cases it's taken centuries for some people to be named saints."

If one miracle is proven, McManus added, Santo would be beatified, and could then be called "blessed."

Interview with Little Audrey Santo's Mother

Interview with Audrey's Mother begins at 7 minutes and 25 seconds into the program.
Little Audrey Santo of Worcester, Massachusetts passed away on April 14, 2007. According to Little Audrey’s official website (, she has been declared a Servant of God and the cause for her canonization has begun. Father John Foley, a priest of the Diocese of Worcester, served as Little Audrey’s pastor, and is the President of the Foundation. Numerous miracles have been associated with Little Audrey. It has also been claimed that Audrey sometimes bore the stigmata. The observed experiences in Audrey’s home included icons weeping blood or oil, a bleeding statue of Jesus, consecrated hosts bleeding, blood appearing spontaneously in a tabernacle, and others miracles as well. Many miraculous healings were attributed to Audrey as well. Many people with various diseases or injuries claim to have been cured either by visiting Audrey’s house or by intercessory prayer offered by others at Audrey’s house.

The Little Audrey Santo Foundation

Dear Friends of Little Audrey,

In April of 2007, when Little Audrey passed away, we all knew that we had lost someone very special to us and to so many others. We knew our Loving Father had called her home, in our minds, and I'm sure in the minds of many, we considered her our little saint, innocent as she was. Mention was made as to whether she would in fact, ever be made officially a saint, but this being a rare occurrence, this thought was put aside until recently.

Early last year, Linda, Audrey's mother, received a letter from Rome from a doctor Andrea Ambrosi, Postulator to The Congregation for Causes of Beatification and Canonization. Dr. Ambrosi communicated to us that the Church was very interested in pursuing the canonization of "Little Audrey" and subsequently came from Rome to Worcester to explain and begin the process. Since then we have been organizing ourselves and educating ourselves in this process. Admittedly, we knew very little of how to proceed, what organization and funding was necessary, as well as a myriad of other matters pertaining to the process of canonization.

How many times in our lifetime do we get the opportunity to participate in the canonization of someone we know or have met; not often, if ever. And so we have humbly and joyfully taken on this task. What presented itself immediately was the vast scope of this endeavor; the complete documentation of Audrey's life, physical history, spiritual manifestations, cures, documentation of all the relevant events in Audrey's life. We are committed to this, and have begun this process.

While this is a joyful task it is not an easy one. It will be expensive as the full financial burden will fall to Audrey's family and this Foundation... Please note: this Foundation will be dedicate exclusively to furthering the canonization of Little Audrey. It will be responsible for Dr. Ambrosi and his staff to travel to and from the United States (i.e. September 10th), documentation of miracles, all literature, communications, mailings, fund raising, and ultimately the travel to Rome (God willing) for the canonization of Audrey.

Therefore, we need your help on many levels; 1) Two miracles, fully authenticated and documented and fully attributed to Little Audrey, must be presented for consideration by the Church. Your help in identifying and collecting, translating documents, responding to replies, printing and mailings, are a daunting and expensive tasks.

Through the Foundation and your generosity, you will be given a rare opportunity-to directly participate in the canonization of a saint of the Church. Your financial support, and your prayers are most necessary for Audrey’s cause to come to fruition.

We hope you will give this letter prayerful consideration. May God bless you and may He bless our endeavor. For further information or inquiries of any kind pelase write or visit our web site at:

With thanks in anticipation of your prayers and participation.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. John Foley

President, Little Audrey Foundation